DANCE AEGIS: is a movement based creative platform founded by Andrea Gise. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company creates work for both stage and film, and integrates dance with interactive technology, and innovate collaborations. Gise's work often pulls from the natural and scientific worlds. DANCE AEGIS is diverse in its ability to create work for stage, film, or public venues in both concert and commercial realms. Founded with a core interest in interdisciplinary conversation, Gise believes that collaboration creates an artistic synergy greater than the sum of its parts and is passionate about elevating artists and their creative voices within her distinct approach & process.  

Andrea Gise: Choreographer, Educator, and Artistic Director of DANCE AEGIS, a Los Angeles based dance company and creative platform. Her work  integrates dance with film, media, and interactive technology. Gise creates works for both stage and screen in concert and commercial realms. Her choreography has been seen in venues all over New York City, and more recently in her new west coast home of Los Angeles. Her dance films and music videos have received national and international screenings. Founded with a core interest in interdisciplinary conversation, her company DANCE AEGIS focuses on providing collaborative opportunities and elevating artistic voices. Gise’s choreographic work is most often inspired by the living body’s relationship to technology. She is interested in media, and it’s ability to diminish or magnify our innate human qualities. Gise works as an Arts Integration Specialist, using Dance to teach Science, English, and Math in public schools through CalArts’ Community Arts Partnership. She teaches dance to students of ALL ages in studio environments, and is currently a guest choreographer with Laguna Beach High School. She is on faculty at Pasadena City College where she teaches Modern Dance and Improvisation.  She holds a BFA in Dance/Choreography from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC, and an MFA in Choreography/Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts.  She continues to pursue her work as a choreographer and enthusiastic collaborator